IDWCon 2019 Polo Shirt (Ladies' Fit)

IDWCon 2019 Polo Shirt (Ladies' Fit)

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For the more formal Child Of The Night (ah, vhat musick zhey make!), this smart 100% cotton polo shirt can be worn discreetly in almost any setting, and only the sharpest, most vampire-eyed Discworld fans will spot the Überwald reference. It comes in almost every size from Cheery to Carborundum/Jade, and you can have any colour you like, so long as it’s smart Graphite Grey. On the front, you'll find our detailed logo embroidered in shining silver; the back is plain.

PLEASE NOTE: Pre-order convention merchandise is only available for collection at the convention – we are unable to ship any items out. Please select the convention member who will collect it.

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Other Information:
Sizes Available:
X-Small – to fit 76cm / 30in chest (equivalent to Irish/UK size 8)
Small – to fit 81cm / 32in chest (equivalent to Irish/UK size 10)
Medium – to fit 86cm / 34in chest (equivalent to Irish/UK size 12)
Large – to fit 91cm / 36in chest (equivalent to Irish/UK size 14)
X-Large – to fit 97cm / 38in chest (equivalent to Irish/UK size 16)
XX-Large – to fit 102cm / 40in chest (equivalent to Irish/UK size 18)

Last time, a number of people found that the sleeves were too tight on our ladies' polo shirts, so we've changed the brand and can report that these ones are much better! Just to be on the safe side, we've also measured the circumferences of the sleeves, which are XS: 31cm/12in | S: 32cm/12.5in | M: 33cm/13in | L: 34cm/13.5in | XL: 35cm/14in | XXL: 36cm/14in.

Collection Info:
We are unable to ship out our exclusive convention merchandise, so all items must be collected in person at IDWCon 2019 itself. If you aren't able to make it to the convention, please nominate another member on the list (ask them nicely first!) who can collect it for you. If you later need to change who will be collecting your pre-order merchandise, please let us know at and we'll sort it out.

The final day to order all your pre-order merchandise is Thursday 28th February 2019. There may be a very limited number of this item available to purchase at the convention, but this is not guaranteed, so pre-ordering is strongly recommended.