Waiting List

Waiting List & How to Pass On Any Unneeded Memberships

Missed out on a membership? There's still a while before the convention, and Real Life™ has a way of sometimes upsetting people's plans to attend, even when they've bought memberships. With this in mind, we've set up a Waiting List to help you out.

Add Yourself to the Waiting List – Click here to get in the queue for unneeded memberships.

Alternatively, if you're one of the unfortunate souls who have bought a membership but can't make it to the convention, please let us know that you've got membership(s) for sale and we'll put you in touch with the person at the top of the Waiting List.

Pass On Your Membership – Click here to tell us about your unneeded memberships.

Please note that IDWCon does not offer refunds or get involved in the communications between seller and buyer (including any payment) – we merely make things easier and fairer by arranging this queueing system. However, we will need to know when a membership has been transferred, so please email members@idwcon.org so we can update our membership list with the new member's details. The deadline for membership transferrals is the 1st March 2019.