About Convention

About The Irish Discworld Convention

In this section you'll find lots of useful and interesting information all about IDWCon. Click on the links below to find out more:

About The Convention (F.A.Q.) – All you could ever want to know about the Irish Discworld Convention 2019 (or at least our attempt to answer some of your most pressing questions).

About Membership – You'll need a membership to attend IDWCon. Here you can find out more about what memberships are, how to get one, and what they can do for you.

Terms and Conditions – The (not very) small print of attending IDWCon. We know they're not fun, but you'll need to understand them before you can get a membership.

Programme – Find out exactly what's occurring at our convention, and when, and where, in this section.

Accessibility – We want to make sure everyone gets the best out of IDWCon, regardless of vital status. Find out how we aim to do it in this section.

Our Charities – IDWCon is a not-for-profit event, which means all our surplus takings will go directly to these fine organisations.

Previous IDWCons – 2019 will be our 6th Irish Discworld Convention, but you can still gaze nostalgically (or jealously) at the five previous good times in this section.

Website Easter Eggs – In case you missed some of the weird and wonderful things our website does, find out more here...

Remember, if you can't find the answer to a question, you can always email us on info@idwcon.org – or see the “About the Convention” F.A.Q. above for more ways to contact us.