About the Convention (FAQ)

About The Convention - F.A.Q.

Find out more about the Irish Discworld Convention 2019 by clicking on the questions below:

So, what is the Irish Discworld Convention?

What’s all this Überwald styling about, then?

When and where is the Irish Discworld Convention 2019 being held?

How do I get there?

Who else will be at this convention shindig?

What about other attendees?

OK, so who profits from this convention?

Why attend such an amazing-sounding Convention?

But I've never been to a convention before!

Can I come on my own?

Sounds great! How do I sign up?

Oh no, I can't make it any more! How do I return my membership?

Who should I talk to if I need some help at the Convention?

What if I’d like to help out in some way?

How can I contact the convention organisers?