What we care the most about during this weekend is that everyone has as much fun as they can possibly have, regardless of any disabilities, mobility issues, or anything else that means you might need additional assistance during the convention. To help with that, we have the Green Dot policy in place to make sure that all members get assistance as they need it.

At Registration and Ops, we have a collection of green stickers which we can add to your badge. When you have this sticker, it shows that you may need additional help or understanding when it comes to getting around or queueing during the con. We will have spaces reserved for our Green Dots at the front of our main room for the big events; and if at any time there are long queues for an event, our Green Dots will not need to queue.

For our members that do not need a Green Dot, the green dot system gives you an opportunity to be wonderful convention attendees by being accommodating to our Green Dots. Please be ready to give preferential use of lifts, give up seats, and give preference in queuing situations, etc. – even if it is not immediately obvious why they have a Green Dot. Please do not ask someone why they need a Green Dot but instead ask them what particular support they need. Always ask before helping someone, and respect their response to your offer.

If anyone with a Green Dot has particular needs or concerns at the convention, please stop any of our green-shirted committee at any time, and we’ll be happy to make arrangements as you need them.

Green Dot F.A.Q.

– Who decides who can get a Green Dot?
Please come to any member of the committee if you feel you would benefit from a Green Dot. We operate on the policy that if a person asks for a dot, then they need a dot. Most people get their Green Dots when registering but it’s no problem to request one at a later time.

– I have a question before I book/arrive or to make arrangements in advance. Who do I contact?
Please email us at and one of our accessibility team will get in touch.

– Is information available in large text?
If you need any parts of our website text (e.g. terms and conditions) provided in large text, or want to request the programme information be provided in this way, please email

– What about the lift arrangements?
Some small areas of the convention space (and most of the bedrooms) are accessible by lift / stairs. Please give preference to our Green Dots if there’s ever a queue, even if it's not immediately obvious why they have a green dot.

– This seems familiar...
Those of you that have been to the International Discworld Convention in the UK will be aware of the blue dot system – it's pretty much the same thing, except this is the Irish con, so obviously they have to be green dots.