Convention Staff

Our Convention Staff

As well as our Committee, there are a lot of other people who help us make the convention better. Among those are our Convention Staff, who tirelessly volunteer their time and skills to assist our planning and keep everything running as smoothly as possible. You can find out more about them below – click each name to find out more about them:

Dramatics Team – Bobby Greaney, Dieuwertje Schuur, & Roy Ayres

Volunteer Wrangler & Accessibility – Sarah Waters (Badge C023: Orangutan Wrangler)

Guest Liaison – Pete Haddock (Badge C024: Acting Captain Haddock)

Green Dots & Merchandise – Chris Belcher (Badge C025: Belch)

Swordmaster – Johan Spruijt (Badge C026: Blackboard Monitor)

Tech Assistant – Bodo Bellut (Badge C027: Bodo)

Programme Assistant – Kirstine Heald (Badge C028: The Landlady)

Volunteer Assistant – Graham O'Mara (Badge C029: Doughnut the Driver)

ConCom Welfare – Aoife Conway (Badge C030: Gypsy)

Hotel Liaison – Kerry Butcher (Badge C009: KerryinCork)

Concom Admin – Jane Hesling (Badge C010: AstroJane)