The Committee

The IDWCon Committee

So, who’s responsible for running these shenanigans, then? Find out below – click each name to find out more about them:

Chair – Siobhán Greaney (Badge C011: Shivers)

Vice-Chair – Rachel Scanlon (Badge C012: Probably Rachel)

Treasurer – Faith Morris (Badge C014: Faith)

Programme – Rob Grundy (Badge C018: Feyd)

Membership Officer – Alan Keatinge (Badge C020: Mistake Not...)

Head of Desks – Fergal Mac Carthaigh (Badge C015: Fergal Monster)

Tech Gaffer – Ken Cornhill (Badge C017: Gaffer)

Art – Amber Grundy (Badge C019: The Artful Nudger)

Design – David Hathway (Badge C013: Narco Cynicalist)

Of course, we surely couldn't do it all ourselves – see the Convention Staff page to find out more about our invaluable helpers.