Things to Do in Cork

Things To Do In Cork

The village of Schnapp, Überwald, is proudly twinned with Cork, Roundworld. The Sektoberfest revels have brought many people from far and wide, many of whom are intrigued by the Roundworld and its odd inhabitants. As a result, the Schnapp Tourist Board has spent countless seconds and minutes compiling a list of some of the most exciting and tourism-appropriate places in our wondrous twinned city. In Cork, there are “Hop on, hop off” bus tours as well as guided tours available, but we do not recommend trusting any guides with “Wizzard” on their hats. Click on the headings below to find out more about the many things that one can do in and around Cork:

Things to Do in Cork City

Things to Do Near Cork

Notable Pubs, Inns, Hostelries and Caravanserais

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